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In my opinion, NFT is a great opportunity that has not been used to its full potential. This is because not everyone can understand how NFT works. People may think by uploading their NFT, a few moments later it will be sold and they will receive a lot of money.

Well, I thought so before. But after I studied it, I finally know that anything can be used as an NFT as long as we can give value to the NFT and the buyers of the NFT. This is the most challenging part, because we have to keep our community growing.

Basically NFT can grow big because the community grows together and no one is harmed. I think that’s the easiest explanation that everyone can understand.

Why Lucky Draw Every Monday ?

NFT Lucky Draw Every Monday is my collection of 115 NFTs. This contains a collection of photos that I made since 8 years ago until now. This photo represents the journey of my life when I fell, when I was up, when I was happy, when I was sad and many other emotions. So it means a lot to me.

What value do I add ?

As I mentioned earlier, without value, NFT would be worthless. So for these NFT holders, every Monday I will do a lucky draw and some selected winners will win cash prizes. And every end of the year in December, I will do a Grand Prize Lucky Draw with a bigger prize. Prize details below.

Source of funds I give lucky draw every week

In the beginning I will sell 100 NFTs to the public. The money will be used for business diversification, such as trading, investing in new coins, etc, which can generate more income. From there it will be set aside to give away lucky draw prizes every week.

Please note that how we manage is closed to the public. Our responsibility is to maintain and ensure the community continues to grow, Lucky draws are held every week, do promotions to increase value. So everyone benefits and no one is harmed.

And the next source of funds is from royalties that I will receive every time an NFT sales transaction occurs. I will charge a royalty of 5%, so in total every NFT sales transaction will be subject to 7.5%, of which 2.5% is commission for Opensea and 5% is royalty.

Lucky Draw prize Detail

Lucky Draw Every Monday

Total prize 50$ in USDT ( Tron Network ) can be replaced with other coins in the future.

1st winner = $ 25

2nd winner = $ 15

3rd winner = $ 10

Grand Prize Lucky Draw every December

1st winner = $150

2nd winner = $ 60

3rd Winner = $ 40

About NFT

A total of 115 NFTs available with details :

100 NFTs for public sale

5 NFTs for promotion on twitter, given to promoters and influencers

5 NFTs To manage Discord, it is given to a moderator or person who helps manage Discord

5 NFTs saved for reserve, can be used for surprise gifts during certain events.

NFT price

The price of NFT is 0.03 ETH each. So from the sale of 100 NFTs, the money collected is 3 ETH, or the equivalent of 9000 USD (conversion when this whitepaper was made).

Who am I ?

I am a crypto mania, who is interested in the world of NFT. I’m a single team, so managing 115 NFTs with a value of around USD 10000, is still within my capabilities. If in the future we continue to grow big, of course I will increase the number of my team.

Can I be trusted?

Nobody points a gun at your head to buy my NFT. Buy it if you’re interested in my proposal, ignore it if you’re not. DYOR.

How long will this lucky draw last?

As long as possible. I treat this NFT as a growing community, as a profit-making company, so some of the profits go back to the community, and some to me. As long as we all benefit, I think we can go a long way.

Kapan penjualan NFT dimulai ?

Will be announced on Discord and Twitter.

When will Lucky draw Every Monday be held?

After all 100 NFTs have been sold, it will be carried out on the following Monday. More will be announced on Discord and Twitter. Please join our Discord and Follow my Twitter.

Discord :

Twitter :




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